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A&E Detective Group Inc. headed by Marwan Mohtadi, the Chief Investigator with decades of investigative experience.

A&E Detective Group Inc. provides professional standard of private detective or private investigative services to small and medium businesses in California, the corporate sector, national and international law firms and insurance companies. Our wide range of clientele includes private citizens as well. We undertake investigation of both online and offline activities and our investigative network is spread almost throughout the USA. We take pride in our wide variety of network of proprietary private security officers, private patrol officers, alarm specialist and locksmiths who are all licensed in their respective fields in California. We also have a network of efficient Bail agents so that we can get our clients out of jail if the need arises. The main purpose of maintaining this extensive network is our ability to cater to our clients’ requirement at any point of time.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc. aim to provide our clients with the best possible service in the field of private investigation with the help of our trained and expert professionals. Our clients are always our first priority and we always give individual attention to each case be it a process service or investigative service. Guided by our extremely capable chief Marwan Mohtadi, we always strive to provide services that are per excellence. Marwan Mohtadi has over three decades of experience in the field of investigation and is the co-founder of A&E Detective Group Inc., along with Hal Glover.

Our efficient team of professionals are not only qualified and trained in their respective field but they also undergo an extensive criminal background investigation that ensures our clients of not only their capability but also their reliability. Thus one can rest assured that be it an investigation service or a process service they would find us qualified, experienced, well-trained and professional.

Based in California, we at A&E Detective Group Inc. always utilize sophisticated and latest investigative techniques and technologies that give us a professional edge over our competitors. Our technical acumen, coupled with our tried-and–tested street-smart investigative experience helps us provide a highly competitive standard of investigative and detective service to our clients. We excel in resolving highly complicated and sensitive problems of our clients.

At A&E Detective Group Inc. we have the experience, training and investigative acumen to provide customized detective services to our clients keeping in mind their specific requirements. We are extremely delighted that you are considering us for your investigative and security requirements both online and offline. We always look forward to work with you.

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