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The Judgment Recovery Process – Who Can Help You With This?

So you have won a case against your ex-husband. The court has sided with you and has awarded you with a judgment stating that your ex-husband must continue to provide you with monetary support for you and your child. Everything should be fine now, right?

judgement recovery

But what if your ex-husband refused to provide you with monetary support? What if he went out of town and went on hiding on secluded cities like Arcadia, Los Angeles, California? Is there a way for you to claim that monetary support as per the court requires?

Fortunately, you can do so, and that is by judgment recovery.

What is Judgment Recovery?

As the name suggests, judgment recovery is the process of recovering the claims stated on previous judgments won by the client. Through this process, a client can “recover” all the claims he had won on his previous cases, including monetary support, properties, etc.

Who Can Help Me With This Process?

There are many companies that offer this type of service. However, it is often recommended that you enlist the help of a private investigation company, as they can help you in locating debtors should they be on another city or state like Arcadia, California, making it easier for you to recover your claims. One such company that offers this service is our company, A&E Detective Group, Inc.

A&E Detective Group, Inc. is a company that specializes on both private investigation and legal services. Through our wide network of information sources coupled with our knowledgeable legal team, we can help you in staking your claims on your judgment recovery process. We will make sure that debtors, such as ex-spouses or landlords, will give you your claims as per the court requires.

If the debtor cannot be located by the local authorities, we will try to locate them for your sake. Simply provide us with some information and we will conduct a private investigation immediately.

Our service is available on all of California. It doesn’t matter whether you or your business is located in Arcadia, Los Angeles, Hollywood, or Tarzania, as we can still provide you with the needed services. And best of all, all our services are available to you for a very reasonable price.

If you want to employ our private investigation and legal services, you can talk to us by phoning 818-386-0000, or you can contact us.