Asset Search

We are here to uncover all sorts of asset search and banking assets of an individual and/or corporate by helping you recover your money

Asset search is an area of specialization of investigators of A&E Detective Group Inc., this being one of the arena of their excellence. We do understand that an asset search can be conducted for a variety of reasons. An asset search proves to be invaluable as a sub part of a main investigation. Asset search finds its use in a child custody case, debt collection, divorce, or in case of insurance claims, the list is endless.

Locating a bank account is one of the preliminary steps taken while initiating an asset search. That's because a bank account is most hard to locate as they can be opened in various forms with any number of names. So at A&E Detective Group Inc. we give prime importance to locating one's bank accounts because they give us a fair idea of that person's wealth.

At A&E Detective Group Inc., we have a dedicated group of excellent investigators who excel in asset investigation. We are adept in locating bank accounts, checking, savings, investments, stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds and safe deposit boxes as per the specific requirement of our clients. Our expert investigators approach an asset search case in an absolutely systematic manner. No stones are left unturned where an asset search is concerned.

Various state-of-the-art equipments are used in case of an asset search. Audio and video surveillance is also used whenever it is deemed necessary. Skip tracing and GPS tracking also carried out in case the person or company whose assets are being searched is missing or incommunicado.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc., understand that you could require an asset search for any kind of business, legal and personal reason. So we promise you a confidential and discreet service. Our investigators are well-equipped to handle any kind of asset search. They strive to understand the individual cases and investigate them accordingly because no two asset investigation might ever be the same. So, in other words we provide you cost-effective and personalized service.

So, if you are planning to stake a claim on a person and are not sure what their assets are, or if you want an asset search to be conducted for any reason, we can be the perfect answer to your prayers. Remember, we at A&E Detective Group Inc. are just a phone call away.