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Is your Avalon insurance company losing thousands of dollars per month? Is your insurance company being flooded with insurance claims from your numerous clients? Are you doubting some of your Avalon clients, thinking that they may be submitting fraudulent claims, causing you to lose money? If so, you may want to enlist the help of some los angeles private investigators to enact a workers comp fraud investigation. Our company, A&E Detective Group, Inc., can help you with your investigation needs.

workers comp fraud

A&E Detective Group, Inc. is one of the most renowned and eputable investigative companies in the California area. They have served for numerous clients and companies on all of California, including cities such as Avalon, San Marino, and Los Angeles. They have solved numerous cases, from finding out about cheating spouses to conducting workers comp fraud investigation and resolving about insurance companies’ clients’ fraudulent claims. With A&E’s knowledgeable private investigators and their wide network of information, any type of investigation, including workers comp fraud investigation, will be resolved, guaranteed.

A&E’s services are not limited only to investigative services; we can also provide our clients with other services, such as legal services, business services, insurance services, and miscellaneous services. Our private investigators and legal experts are always willing to lend you a helping hand.

With all these being said, you may think that our services are priced heftily. In fact, it is the other way around, as our services are cheap and affordable. All our services are priced reasonably, meaning you will never have to allocate a huge budget just to conduct a workers comp fraud investigation or other investigative services.

Our services are available all throughout California. If you or your business is located on cities such as Avalon, San Marino, or Los Angeles, it doesn’t matter, as we will still be able to provide you with the investigative or legal services you need.

So if your company is in need of los angeles private investigators or a team of legal experts, do not hesitate to call us – you can reach us by phoning 818-386-0000 or visiting our contact page. Our friendly staff is always ready to take your calls and requests.

Let us help you achieve peace of mind. Avail of our company’s services today and let us help you with all your problems!