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Child Custody Private investigations in Beverly Hills

 Child custody

Child custody cases remain to be among the most difficult experiences for parents. No one wants to lose the regular contact they are used to with their children. Child custody cases have an ending where the children will be under the custody of the parent who is, or appears to be the most responsible and dependable. The problem with these cases is that they will only use some facts and avoid others which might lead the children to the undeserving parent.

A&E Detective Group Inc. has private investigators, in Beverly Hills, trained to handle child custody private investigations and provide facts for the child custody case. When in a child custody case, both parents will be fighting for custody with equal measures and will therefore give facts that favor them by all means. If you are a lawyer in California handling a child custody case, you might want to use our child custody private investigators to separate facts from fiction, or in this case lies.

Beverly Hills is home to many celebrities and as we all know, divorce and separations are the order of the day in such a community. Lawyers in Southern California have to deal with a lot of separations and divorces, which are accompanied by child custody cases. Our skilled Los Angeles private investigators will do all the work to shed some light on the case as you sit back and be positive about the case while shifting your attention to the children rather than blaming the other parent.

In most cases, child custody will be awarded to you if the other parent has exhibited abuse and neglect when dealing with the child/children. It can be difficult to prove the existence of this unless you are using the help of a private child custody investigator. Our child custody detectives have the necessary means to provide documented evidence that will show signs of abuse and neglect, which will be an important ruling point.

There is nothing as good as knowing that you are on the winning side, we can give you the hope of being with your children if you know you deserve the custody. A&E Detective Group Inc. is determined to give you the results you desire but we are not a fairy tale company, we deal with solid facts supported by evidence that cannot be discarded. If you are going through child custody battle, it is too bad, but you need us to prove that you are a worthy parent.

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