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A&E Detective Group Services: Investigating Fraudulent Claims

If a worker gets injured while he is on the job, the company to which he is employed to is required to give him workers compensation. Companies will then need to request and receive money from insurance companies to shoulder the expenses (e.g. medical expenses, hospital bills, etc.) of the injured worker.

But what if your Calabasas insurance company suddenly received a number of requests from a client? As an insurance company, you are required to honor each one of them. However, isn’t it a bit suspicious that they have filed a number of claims within a short period of time? Is it possible that a number of workers got injured within that short period of time, even on a workplace that places little to no risk to its employees?

If you feel that your Calabasas insurance company is being tricked by your client, then you need to conduct an investigation on your client and see if they are telling the truth. For this, you will want to hire a knowledgeable workers compansation fraud private investigator to conduct an investigation on your client’s activities.

Los Angeles private investigators

If you are in need of a workers compansation fraud private investigator, we here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. can help you investigate and put an end to all your worries.

Located in Tarzana, California, A&E Detective Group, Inc. can provide you with unparalleled investigative services. Their Los Angeles private investigators are knowledgeable and skillful in tracking fraudulent claims, which would prove to be of great help to you in conducting a workers comp fraud investigation. Best of all, this service is available for you for a reasonable cost.

At A&E Detective Group, Inc., we value our clients. We will make sure that our workers compansation fraud private investigator will get the job done for you. We will give our workers comp fraud private investigator the necessary tools and information in order to properly conduct the investigation. Results will be given to you as soon as we find evidences of wrongdoing.

If you want to avail our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our services are available in Calabasas and other cities in the California state. Contact us at 818-386-0000 for a free quote on all our Los Angeles private investigators’ services.

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