Cheating Spouse

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating on you?...It can be painful. Let us find out the truth for you.

Cheating spouse investigation is one of the most common investigations that are undertaken by an private investigative firm.  Yet cheating or infidelity or being unfaithful to one's partner is the most painful and distressing incident that can happen in someone's life. The unfortunate or worst part is that in most of the cases it has been noted that when someone have a serious suspicion of infidelity of his/her partner it has generally turned out that they are right.

At A&E Detective Group Inc., we have a well trained expert team of private investigators who are proficient in cheating spouse or cheating partner investigation and deal your case with full sympathy and understanding. We strongly believe that you have every right to know if your loved one is cheating on you and it can be tough on you to discuss it with us. Keeping this in mind, we practice discretion and carefulness so that you can maintain your dignity.

We understand the importance of a cheating or marital infidelity case in your life and thus we leave no stones unturned till we collect effective evidences for you. Our expert and professional cheating spouse private investigators are not only experts in undertaking surveillance and gather information but also are well versed in family law of the state so that they can provide you with the best possible advice in the situation.

A&E Detective Group Inc. is facilitated by the latest state-of-the-art equipments like those required to undertake video surveillance, vehicle tracking devices, technology to undertake telephone tracing or skip tracing and software to keep track of the internet activity of the subject. Our team of cheating spouse investigators are not only qualified in their field of investigation but are also trained to use all these sophisticated equipments successfully. We are well-equipped to provide you with remote video surveillance using covert video cameras, long-range photo, and body worn hidden cameras to produce all the necessary evidence. While gathering evidences for you we practice utmost confidentiality as we also belief in every individual's right to privacy.

In long and short, we at A&E Detective Group Inc. have a highly proficient team of cheating spouse investigators to undertake covert operation for infidelity investigation. However we understand that no two cases might be similar and respect the individuality of each single case assigning dedicated investigators to concentrate on your case. We understand suspecting infidelity can be extremely heartrending but we recommend you to get an investigation done as you deserve to get back your peace of mind or move forward in life.

So, think no further, just give us a call and we are here to listen to your predicament and help you out.