Child Custody

We are here to help you fight the custody battle of your beloved child…

Custody of child is a very delicate issue and needs to be handled with utmost care, discreet and responsibility. The two basic types of custody are sole or physical custody and legal custody. There are innumerable reasons for which a child custody investigation can be undertaken.

In custody battle it is required to provide proof of one’s allegations, be it from the side of the mother of the child or the father. One can hire a private investigator when they suspect any type of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of the child by its legal guardian. Here comes the question of private investigators and the requirement of a child custody investigation done. Apart from this some other probable reasons are possibilities of neglect, drug or alcohol abuse by a parent or guardian, parental separation, sabotage, or suspicion of inability to take care of the child.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc. understand that child custody investigation is a serious and sensitive business that needs to be undertaken with complete sincerity and responsibility as it involves the welfare of a child in question. Be it father custody or mother custody we deal both the cases with prudence and professionalism keeping the best interest of the child in mind. We adopt different measures for the investigation of child custody like conduct interviews, undertake surveillance, and use interrogation techniques as per the requirement of the case. 

We adopt different approaches for mother custody cases and father custody cases. We understand that the gradual change and progress of society have changed the belief that mother is the better parent to be awarded a child’s custody. The father of the child is also given equal importance in child custody cases at present. Indeed the concept of stay-at-home dads is becoming increasingly popular now days. In fact in the present time there are even cases in which the more qualified father has become the custodial parent considering the fact that the child deserves the better parent.

At A&E Detective Group Inc. we have the requisite experience and training to deal not only with mother child custody cases but father child custody cases as well. Our team of competent professionals includes people with former law enforcement experience and private investigative experience as well. There are numerous motives behind contesting for child custody and we always do proper research about the case as we always have the best interest of an innocent child in mind.

So if you are not the custodial parent of your beloved child and worried about his/her welfare please feel free to contact us. We shall hear you out and try to help you in finding out the best possible solution for your child.