Criminal & Civil Investigations

Whether you are involved in a civil or criminal case we are here to help you with the litigation…

A&E Detective Group Inc. is a highly professional investigation, litigation and trial support firm with long years of investigative experience. We provide criminal litigation as well as civil litigation service to the corporate as well as private individuals. In a criminal litigation case we help our clients by examining evidence and undertaking investigation of unexplored leads. We also provide our clients with expert testimony in a civil litigation case, or undertake asset search service if our client is going through divorce proceeding or a child custody battle.

We, at A&E Detective Group Inc. provide you with legal support service along with your legal representation which is quite a cost-effective way of strengthening your case and increasing your chances of winning. Whether it is a criminal litigation case or a civil litigation case, it cannot be denied that you would need to provide critical evidence to support your case. And here comes the question of private investigators as the cost of investigation service is generally just a fraction of the cost of an attorney’s fees. We provide a wide gamut of litigation-support services, some of which includes –

  • Surveillance
  • Advice on choosing legal representation
  • Witness interviews and statements
  • Comprehensive data gathering
  • Extensive asset searches to uncover hidden accounts and valuables
  • Public database searches
  • Depositions
  • Background checks
  • Forensics analysis

So if you are involved in any criminal litigation case and need help with evidence, or you are a litigant, or you are going through divorce proceedings or a child custody battle and need help in uncovering your spouse’s assets then please feel free to contact A&E Detective Group, Inc. and ensure your chances of winning your case. Our team of expert professionals will provide you with expert criminal and civil litigation support service.