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Judgment Collection

If you are a business owner in Claremont, you may have experienced issues where customers did not pay their accounts as they were supposed to. Nothing is as frustrating as trying to collect what you are due to have been paid. Sometimes you may even have to take them to court and get a judgment filed against them. The sad part is you would think that have a judgment would motivate people to pay their debt but sometimes that doesn’t even motivate them. So what are you to do? Well you can go to the Sherriff’s office but they may be busy, or you can contact us at A & E Detective Group Inc., we can help you.

judgment collection

We do service in the Claremont area and our Los Angeles private investigators are great at what they do. They know how to utilize the latest surveillance techniques and the have the most up to date equipment. We can track down the people who owe you money and help you get the judgment collection that you are due. Especially after you spend money in court system you want to collect your money.

You want private detectives that knows how be discreet in their investigations and we certainly understand that. Please feel free to visit our website for yourself and see what we can do for you. We have helped clients throughout the country and around the world, and around the world for more than 30 years.

In the case of a judgment recovery, we know how to do and make use of an asset search. An asset search is a vital step for a judgment collection case and we make sure that we start with a bank account search. We have private investigators who are excellent and know how to excel in asset investigations. This is one of the first steps in recovering your judgment.

Whether you are in Claremont and the person we are looking for is overseas our Los Angeles private investigators will make use of the latest techniques and state of the art investigative equipment to find them and help collect your debt. If you are in Claremont and you need help collecting your judgment collection then we are the perfect answer for you.A&E Detective Group Inc. is where you want to start the process and let our professionals do for you what you need done. Again please visit our website and let us help you.