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DMV Search

Our expert team of private investigators is extremely proficient in undertaking a professional DMV search…

A DMV search is conducted to know the complete detail of a given vehicle. However there is no single reason for which such a search is undertaken. There are a host of reasons for which this type of a DMW search can be undertaken like to know the vehicle history when someone is considering buying a used car, to know the driving history before appointing a driver, to find out the owner of a suspicious car which is lying before their home or may be office for quite a few days or even as a part of an asset search while proceeding for collections or divorce or any other legal matter.

At A&E Detective Group Inc. we have a team of specialized private investigators who are skilled and experienced in conducting a DMV search. We have all the requisite licenses and authorities required to undertake a DMV search that is laid down by the State governing body. Indeed while conducting the tracking of a vehicle or conducting any form of private investigative work we are always bound by the rules and guidelines laid down by the administration of the respective state. We always make sure that we provide you with a detailed vehicle history, driver’s history, or evidence of vehicle ownership. The information that we provide through our DMV search service includes –

  • Driver’s history for the past three years
  • Nationwide vehicle history database search designed to determine odometer readings and 39 possible areas of concern, such as major accidents, thefts, municipal use, insurance loss, rebuilt, water or fire damage
  • Nationwide vehicle ownership search by license plate or vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) to determine the titled ownership of a currently registered privately-owned automobile

However, it needs to be notified that we are entitled to run DMV if we are working on the case or attorney has good cause to run a DMV search. We always adhere strictly to the guideline that we do not use DMV info without us doing a thorough investigation.

We take pride in our widespread private investigative network that helps us in serving our clients at any corner of the country. Based in Los Angeles, California we have quite an impressive list of clientele spread in a variety of areas like Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills and Playa Del Rey to name just a few. However our clientele is spread throughout the length and breadth of the country.

So, if you require a thorough record of any vehicle you are contemplating to buy or may require for any other reason, in that case do not hesitate to give us a call. We will provide you with all the information you may require.