Employment Locate

 We are proficient in locating the employment of a person even if it is kept hidden deliberately…

A registered and licensed investigative firm, A&E Detective Group Inc. has a huge experience of over three decades in the field of private investigation. Indeed, we provide a gamut of investigative and intelligence services to our clients spread throughout the country. Our wide variety of clients includes corporate, small and medium businesses, insurance companies, national and international firms and private individuals. We have an extremely proficient team of private investigators who are experienced and specialized in employment locate service.

There are innumerable number of varied reasons for which clients contact us to undertake an employment locate service on an individual. Locating the employment detail of an individual is quite an integral part of an asset search investigation, may be required to retrieve a judgment recovery, can be required during a child custody or child support case and the list can be endless. We always treat each of our case with utmost discretion and pay individual attention to their details as we understand that each case is unique in its nature and specific requirements. In most cases, it has been noted that a requirement for employment locate service arises when a person deliberately hides their employment details. And it can well be understood that such a situation occurs when someone wants to avoid paying the money they owe and a judgment recovery case is issued against them. In some cases, it has also been noted that people also hide their employment detail to avoid paying their child support money allocated by the court of law.

In these sad cases, they leave the victims with no other choice than to take the help of a professional private investigator to collect evidences of their employment status and facts so that they cannot cheat on the money they owe. Moreover, in such cases, we practice extreme discretion and confidentiality as we are well aware that any slip on our part would make it all the more hard for us to collect evidences against the subject.

Based at Los Angeles, California we have quite a comprehensive list of clients in the areas like Glendale, Pasadena, South Pasadena and Sun Valley to name a few. We also take pride in our widespread extensive private investigative network that spans throughout the length and breadth of the country and gives us a professional edge over our competitors.

Thus, if you ever require the hard facts about the employment status of someone, then do not waste any time to give us a call and let us start a plan of action immediately to help you out.