Fraud Investigations

Undertaking fraud investigation is one of us USPs and we never leave any stone unturned to bring out the truth…

 The advancement of time has both its good and bad aspects. While on one hand there are progress and further development in almost all spheres of life, on the other hand there is the rise and spread of fraudulent activities again in almost all aspects of life. Indeed fake and deceit has become so rampant nowadays that it requires thorough private investigation to expose it and stop it from making any damage. It has been noted that each year US businesses lose quite lump sum money due to fraudulent actions and fraudulent insurance claims has a crucial role in this economic disaster. There are workers’ compensation fraud, fraudulent accident insurance claims, internet fraud and the list can be endless.

At A&E Detective group Inc. we have a team of expert professional private investigators who are specialized in exposing fraudulent activities. Apart from this our efficient team is also well supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities that include the most advanced and sophisticated electronic devices night vision camera, digital recorders, GPS tracking devices and similar others. Indeed ours is a perfect blend of knowledge, experience and technical acumen that are essential in undertaking a fraud investigation successfully.

Following are some of the common fraudulent activities that may take place in any workplace and requires professional investigation 

  • Retail Theft - shoplifter, Under-Ringing Merchandise,
  • Employee theft - Embezzlement of Cash, Inventory, supplies and Intellectual property
  • Missing inventory
  • Tampered time cards
  • Accounting fraud
  • Hidden bank accounts
  • Falsification of records
  • Tampering of Information Systems
  • Expense account abuse
  • Petty Cash Abuse
  • Innocent employees being set up or blamed
  • Fake vendors
  • Fake employees - Robberies
  • Money laundering

Based at Los Angeles, California we have quite a wide-ranging clientele in areas like Cornell, Monte Nido, Topanga State Park, Del Aire and Panorama City to name a few. So if you feel that you have become a victim of any fraudulent activity then we would urge you to take immediate action. Call us today and let us help you out of any messy situation.