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Worker’s Compansation Fraud Investigation

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In Gardena, just like a lot of cities in the United States worker’s compensation fraud is a very real issue and it is also on the rise. Now do some people get hurt at work? Sure. However a lot of times people stretch the truth when they say they are injured to the point that they cannot work. If you are an employer you may need to hire a private detective agency to do some checking. Here at A & E Detective Group, Inc., our private detectives are well trained. They know the latest surveillance techniques and they have state of the art equipment.

In the Gardena area we are well known for getting the job done. Our Los Angeles private detectives will do the surveillance that you need to see if your employee is truly injured. The private detective that we assign to your case can even go undercover if the need arises. Our goal is to see if your employee truly needs to be on workers compensation or if they are committing workers compensation fraud.

People that lie and try to cheat the system put a burden on the rest of society. If they are lying saying that they need workers compensation and they don’t they need to be caught and brought to light. Our private investigation agency is well experienced in these types of investigations. The reason that is so important for two reasons.

First and foremost our private detectives understand that this is a very delicate investigation and they will handle it with discretion. Discretion is important because the employee does not need to know that they are being investigated and neither does anyone else in the Gardena area. The second reason is if we find out that your employee can work it may wind up in court. If it does you want people who know how to write the proper reports and know how to testify the right way, because that can make the difference in you winning or losing the case.

All in all when you are looking to see if someone is lying about needing to be on workers comp you want investigators that know what they are doing. If you believe that someone is committing workers compensation fraud please visit us and then you can get an idea for yourself of what we do. If you are a business owner in Gardena then you need to protect yourself from fraud and we can help you.