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Asset Searches, A Valuable Investigative Tool

asset searches

When people owe money it needs to be paid, whether it is a judgment, child support or just a debt. In Glendale California people owe debts and they try to hide from paying them. Imagine if you will a mother trying to raise a child and struggling to make ends meet, and the father is supposed to pay child support but is not paying and claiming that he can’t afford to pay. Another case imagine that a company took a person to court and won a judgment and the person does not pay because they claim they can’t afford to pay. What is the company and the mother to do? Contact A & E Detective Group Inc., and let us help you collect what you are owed.

We specialize in conducting these type of private investigations and our private detectives are excellent at getting resolutions to these cases. We do what is called an asset search which is a valuable tool especially in many different types of cases, more so for cases involving money or debt collections. Now you may be wondering what exactly an asset case is. Well that is a great question. An asset search is when our Los Angeles private investigators begin searching for assets including bank accounts, investments, CD’s, and things like safe deposit boxes.

So how can that help you in Glendale California? Well if you have some-one that owes you money for any of the above type of cases then we need to see if they have a way to pay it. If you have a collection case and the person owes you money but claims he doesn’t have it in his bank account we can do searches to see if he has offshore bank accounts that no-one knows about. Our private investigators are experts at conducting these types of searches.

Whether the case take them to Glendale California of the Cayman Islands we have helped people here in the United States and throughout the world, so we have the contacts to find out what you need. Our private detective agency has trained and seasoned private investigators who have state of the art equipment and know the latest techniques in surveillance techniques. If you are in Glendale California and need an asset search done, visit our website at and let us see what we can do for you. If you are owed the money don’t let them off the hook let A&E Detective Group, Inc. help you collect what you are owed.