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Debt Settlement through Lien Judgment

lien judgment

It is quite stressing to find out that you can’t collect money from a debtor even after winning the case against him. They can simply appeal to the Hidden Hills court that they don’t have the financial capabilities to do so as they are financially bankrupt. What is unfortunate about this is that it not only happens on Hidden Hills, but on all cities and states in the US. Another worrying fact is that more than 80% of these judgments are left unsettled. As a “victim” of this process, you are sure to lose faith with the legal system as they can’t help you in collecting your money from debtors.

However, giving up is not the solution for this, as there are many legal processes that can help you claim what is rightfully yours. One legal process that can help you is lien judgment.

Lien judgment is a type of judgment that entitles the debtor to pay the defendant (you) through other means, namely through their properties. Real estate properties, vehicles, and other properties of the debtor can be used as a payment for their debts to the defendant. Through this, debtors can still pay you back even if they are financially bankrupt.

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