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Introducing the Private Detective in Hollywood: A&E Detective Group Inc.

We are a licensed private investigation company with all the instruments that are required to carry out and give a comprehensive report on any of the private investigation services we offer.

Hollywood is an island of itself with a buzz of activities happening on a daily basis, some legal and others illegal. For this reason, there is a need for private investigators, even in Hollywood, to take care of private firms and individual’s needs. Let us first understand who a private investigator is.

Private Investigator in Hollywood

Contrary to what most people believe, Private detectives or private investigators are nothing close to what is portrayed by some movies and novels.

So, who is a private investigator? This term speaks for itself. The most important aspect of private detectives is that they are not affiliated to any law enforcement or government agency. They engage in a variety of investigations which include but not limited to frauds in firms, child custody investigations, surveillance, etc. Their services are rendered to private firms or individuals.

Due to the advances in technology in the 21st century, A&E Detective Group, Inc. has put all the measures necessary to stay above the water in this industry by acquiring technology items that make private investigations easier and more accurate. We have the advantage of using computers and other computerized gadgets to enhance our investigations. The internet provides a wide avenue to collect information from and thus our private investigators, also known as a PI’s, are well versed with the street life and are also technology savvy.

Because of the many field involved in the private investigation world, our private detectives are required to have special skills in selected fields. They need to concentrate on one particular field, perfect their investigation techniques, and provide better and informed services. For instance, if you are to hire a private investigator from us to take care of legal matters in Hollywood; we will assign to you an private investigator who is an expert in civil and penal law. You should not worry or look any further; we at A&E Detective Group Inc. have specialized in giving you the services you need, one of them being Civil and Criminal investigations.

Our private detectives are committed to giving you the most accurate result within the shortest time possible. We uphold the privacy policy and any information obtained during the period we will be working with our clients will not be used elsewhere apart from where the client wants it. We are committed to shedding light on your suspicion.

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