Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is quite an old problem that has become extremely rampant now a days and requires expert private investigation…

A&E Detective Group Inc. is a licensed and registered full service investigative firm with more than 35 years of investigative experience. We provide a gamut of professional investigative and intelligence services to our clients that vary from small and medium businesses to corporate giants to insurance companies and also to private individuals. Our team of professional and expert private investigators is extremely proficient in conducting expert undercover industrial espionage investigation. In the present time professional industrial espionage investigation has become a necessity as more and more companies are stooping to such offensive levels to thrive in this age of cut-throat competition. Indeed you can see blatant brand war going on among companies manufacturing similar products or offering the same services.

Many times it has been noted that though industrial espionage is going on just under your nose and yet you are completely unaware of it. It is because with the passage of time and advancement in technology the methods adopted for industrial espionage has also improved and become sophisticated. Activities like illegal phone taps, use of hidden cameras, email and internet infiltration, radio listening devices and such others may be undertaken to gather the required data about the company. Moreover in most of the cases it has been found that some company insider was involved in passing out information about things happening inside the office.

In our vast private investigative experience we have noted that undercover operations are always required to solve such form of felony and safeguard the interest of your company. Thus we have formed an expert team of well-trained and experienced private investigators who specialize in industrial espionage investigation. Our efficient team is extremely well supported by the latest and most sophisticated technical and electronic equipments that help in conducting this type of investigation in a highly discreet manner.

We are also supported by our widespread private investigative network that covers every corner of the country. Based at Los Angeles, California we have quite an impressive clientele based in areas like Inglewood, Huntington Park, South Gate and Lynwood to name a few.  So if you have any suspicion about any of your rival company trying out an industrial espionage on your organization then do not waste any time and take immediate action. Give us a call and let us take on a plan of action to start immediately.