We offer our wide variety of clients a complete range of superior standard of professional insurance services.

A&E Detective Group, Inc. is a registered and licensed professional private investigation firm with decades of experience in the field of investigation. We provide our wide range of clients’ professional quality investigation and intelligence services keeping in mind the specific requirement of the assignment. Our varied clientele includes small and medium business houses, corporate houses, insurance companies, law firms and private individuals. Huge experience and strict professionalism has helped us carve a niche for ourselves in this competitive field of investigation.

We are able to initiate our search on an insurance policy trace once our clients provide us with some requisite information like the policy number and/or the claim number, name of the insurance carrier, defendant's name, defendant's address, date of loss, and police report (auto). These detail become the first and foremost requirement to start a search or trace of the policy limits. However it needs to be noted that we would be able to verify the policy limit for the term of the policy and we will not be able to ensure the existence of the policy on the date of loss. To know that you would have to get a policy existence trace conducted.

We also provide our clients with a policy existence trace when they require determining whether a liability policy exists in the name of a particular defendant for a specified duration of time. In this case also we need some basic level of information before we can even begin the investigation like the following:

  • Defendant's name
  • Defendant's address
  • Date of loss
  • Insurance type that you are inquiring about [i.e. auto, homeowners, umbrella, etc.]
  • If in case you are already know about the existence of coverage and you are want to know about the existence of "additional" policies then you require to provide us with the information of the known insurance carrier and the policy number.
  • Police report (auto)

Completing our investigation we provide you with the details like name of Insurance Carrier and/or Insurance Agent, full address of the Carrier or the Insurance agent, and/or a telephone number to contact them.

Apart from these we are also efficient in conducting insurance policy number trace for our clients when they need to know the number of a policy that they had already identified. The requisite information to start this type of trace are name of the insurance carrier and/or agent, address of the insurance carrier and/or agent, defendant's name, defendant's address, date of loss and police report (auto). Once we finish our investigative search we provide our clients with the policy number.

Based in Los Angeles, California we have quite a list of happy and satisfied customers in areas like Hidden Hills, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Van Nuys and similar other adjacent areas to name a few. Our expert team has vast experience in the field and thus decides on the most effective course of action to resolve a case. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction and always assign one private investigator focus solely on one case. Our wide gamut of investigation services include the following –

  • Workers' Compensation Fraud
  • Sub-Rosa / Surveillance
  • Asset Searches
  • Activity Checks
  • Location/Incident Investigations
  • Witness Statements
  • Scene Photography
  • Sexual Harassment

So, if you have any of the above insurance service requirements, then simply give us a call without any hesitation. We are here to help you out of any messy situation in life.