We ensure our clients a professional and effective judgment recovery service at a much reasonable rate than a collection agency…

A professional and registered private investigative firm with more than three decades of experience in undercover operations, A&E Detective Group Inc. provides their widespread clientele with expert judgment recovery service. Indeed our clients vary from corporate, small and medium businesses, law firms and even private individuals. We have an expert team of private investigators who are adept in undertaking judgment recovery, asset search and similar other investigative services. Asset search is an important part and plays a crucial role in a judgment recovery service.

Unlike the common misconception judgment recovery is nothing like a regular debt collection. In a judgment recovery case an individual is actually empowered with a court order that says such and such person owes some amount of money. Generally when a person receives a judgment recovery the first thing that comes to their mind is to contact a registered collection agency to retrieve the money. However here it needs to be pointed out that contacting a collection agency does not prove to be a cost-effective decision in most of the cases. The reason behind this is that a collection agency generally charges a percentage of the collection money apart from their service charge while we at A&E Detective Group Inc. only charge our professional fee and recover the money for our clients.

The reasonable rate that we are able to offer our clients is only because we specialize in asset search and back asset locate service which plays an extremely critical role in judgment recovery. We take pride immense pride in our extremely efficient team of specialized and experienced private investigators. Moreover our competent team is supported by our state-of-the-art equipments that include the latest technical and electronic devices that help in cover and undercover detective activities.

We also have a widespread professional network that spans throughout the length and breadth of the country. However based in Los Angeles, California we have several happy and satisfied clients in areas like Los Angeles International Airport, City of Commerce, Maywood, Bell and Vernon to name a few.

So if you ever need to retrieve some of your hard earned money through a judgment recovery service then take a correct and cost-effective decision and give us a call without wasting any more time.