We conduct efficient location / incident investigation that may be required on any eventuality or mishap …

A&E Detective Group Inc. is a registered and licensed full service private detective firm with more than three decades of private investigative experience. We provide a whole gamut of investigative and intelligence services to a variety of clients that include business houses, corporate giants, insurance companies and even private individuals. Our efficient team of private investigators is well trained and experienced in their respective field of specialization. We assign cases to our teams as per their expertise and experience so that we never miss any single detail of the assignment at hand. Indeed our knowledge, training, experience and eye towards detail have helped us carve a niche for ourselves in this extremely competitive field of private investigation.

A location / incident investigation is in many ways similar to accident investigation. It is generally conducted on any unfortunate or accidental mishap that may cause severe or fatal injury or even death. Accidents can be of various natures like that of a fire accident, an explosion of some kind, accidents at workplace, slip or fall, medical negligence, victim of assault and many such others. Apart from accidents location / incident investigation is also conducted on a crime scenario to gather any clue or reference that may help in probing for the truth and expose the criminal.

In fact any incident or location that causes unnatural death of individuals gives rise to the requirement of location or incident investigation by professional and experienced detectives who know what to look for. We at A&E Detective Group Inc. always adopt a humanitarian approach and handle these cases with sensitivity practicing utmost discretion as they understand the pain involved in such situations. We have all the requisite knowledge and training to help you identify the facts involved, determine the liability and help you in presenting them before a court of law.

Our widespread private investigative network also helps us to provide our clients at any corner of the country with efficient investigative service. Based at Los Angeles, California we have quite an impressive clientele based in areas like Inglewood, Huntington Park, South Gate and Lynwood to name a few. Thus if ever anyone you know become a victim of any unfortunate incident then give us a call immediately so we can decide on a course of action to help you out or unfurl the truth for you.