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Compensation Fraud – Finding Ways to Combat This Problem

Compensation fraud, in Los Angeles, is a huge problem that creates huge losses amounting to billions of dollars per year. Compensation fraud happens when an employee (or an employer) files a false statement in order to receive compensation from health care providers. Below is a list of some of the many ways an employee / employer can commit compensation fraud:

  • Making up or exaggerating symptoms or sicknesses.
  • Making up stories that resulted to the “injury” of the person.
  • Willfully removing some employees on the list in order to lower the insurance premium fees.
  • Billing health care providers for tests that were never once performed.

In Los Angeles, the business center of the California state, compensation fraud is rampant on many businesses, which makes insurance companies lose billions of dollars per year. This is the reason why local business owners, specifically insurance companies, are calling out for workers compensation fraud investigation in order to resolve these problems and put an end to this corrupt practice in businesses.

compensation fraud

These insurance companies often make a point to work with Los Angeles private investigators specializing in workers compensation fraud investigation. These private investigators can spy on businesses, collecting information about employees discreetly, and identify whether the business and its employers / employees are stating the truth. Doing these can help insurance companies to ascertain which businesses are committing compensation fraud and bring them to justice.

However, hiring private investigators, in Los Angeles, is not a simple task. It is important to hire someone who has the knowledge and skills to carry out a discreet workers compensation fraud investigation. A failed investigation will not only foil the chances of uncovering fraud and scheming businesses, but also result to the business becoming craftier and more deceptive in order to continue to carry out their nefarious schemes. Hence, enlisting the help of a professional Los Angeles private investigator is a must. A & E Detective Group, Inc. is one company that can help you with your investigation problems.

A & E Detective Group, Inc. provides professional investigative services to clients in the California state. They specialize in investigating fraudulent transactions, including workers compensation fraud investigation, finding out about cheating spouses, locating hidden bank accounts and secret transactions, and many more. Their team of Los Angeles private investigators are trained well in order to enact investigations professionally and, most important of all, discreetly.

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