Missing Persons

If any of your friend or family is missing we are here to help you find them out and bring them back in your life…

Los Angeles Missing Persons

Locating a missing person is probably one of the most challenging cases one can ever face in their career. In Los Angeles, the report of a missing person is first made with the Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD as it’s popularly called. The LAPD investigates the case diligently till the individual is found. However if the missing person is an adult and it is established without any shade of doubt that the person is missing out of their own free will then the case is not investigated further.

The report of the missing person needs to be filed with the local Law Enforcement agency. A report usually includes a detail of the person as well as their recent photograph. Any distinguishing feature or characteristic is also made a note of. If the information provided in the report is extensive and detailed then it becomes easier for the assigned officer to investigate the case. A missing persons report is categorized into two parts. This categorization depends on the age of the person. So the report can either be of a missing adult or that of a missing juvenile. Report should ideally be filed from the city where the missing person used to reside.

Orange County Missing Persons

Like in any counties in California, in Orange County too, the report of a missing person first has to be filed at the Orange County Sheriff's Office. If the missing person is in any kind of danger, either physical or mental, then the report is filed under the category of missing endangered person. Also there are certain institutions wherein a lost person can seek help. So if an officer is investigating a missing person case, especially if a juvenile is missing, then these institutions are the places they check first. These institutions also are a great help for tourists from foreign country who have been estranged from their group.

Depending upon the main circumstances under which the person was missing, the next course of action is determined. Special and extra measures are taken in case a person is missing as a result of the effect of some natural calamity. An ideal example would be Hurricane Katrina due to which many people were reported missing. In Orange County, the sheriff’s office, after registering a missing person’s report, then determines the nature of the case, and assigns it to the corresponding officer, who, then, takes up the investigation from the grass-root level.

California Missing Persons

In California there is no particular span of time that a person needs to wait before filing a missing person’s report. However, a recent photograph of the missing person becomes essential to initiate a search. Alternatively a person can also do a missing person search online with the aid of many such websites present. That’s one of the reasons why a missing person search in California is also carried out online. One can also enlist the help of a local private investigator. This step is also taken if the missing person search is a sensitive issue or the information given during the search is of a sensitive nature.

In order to track missing children, often, help from the school where they study, is also taken. This helps to get more information on the juvenile missing person. In the California Department of justice, there is a special department formed, which is called the Missing and Unidentified Person Unit which aids the various Law Enforcement Agencies in their search for missing persons.

At A&E Detective Group, Inc. we undertake search for missing persons at various level. It could be a search for a long lost friend, a co-worker, or it could be somebody who is a relative.