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Clients Refusing To Pay Debts? Let Us Help You!

Collecting debts from numerous clients can really be a tough task, especially if some of these clients refuse to pay. These people often state that they currently have no money to pay their debts, and will usually ask you to give them a few weeks or months for them to earn money.

However, most of these people are not really bankrupt as they claim to be. Some are even living in lavish homes, or even playing on casinos regularly. Without proof of them not being really bankrupt, it is possible that the court will favor them when you take the case to the court.

If you have this kind of problem, let our company, A&E Detective Group, Inc., and our team of private investigators help you.

private investigators in Montebello

We offer debt collection services just like the several other Montebello collection agencies. However, as an investigative company, we are also able to perform assets search, which can uncover hidden assets of clients who refuse to pay their debts. This service can be of great value to you, as a lending company trying hard to collect money from clients.

Once you have availed of our services, a team of private investigators will be dispatched immediately in order to conduct an investigation. Using the information you give us, our private investigators will trace and perform an assets search to know whether the suspected client is keeping a huge sum of money on local banks or not.

Like other decent Montebello collection agencies, we confirm to the rules stated on the Fair Debt Collection Act. Once our assets search of the suspected client is concluded successfully, we will inform you of all our findings. Our private investigators and legal team will not, in any way, threaten or harass your clients. We don’t want your company’s name and reputation to be tarnished, after all.

But the biggest difference between our company and Montebello collection agencies is that we only charge you a small fee for our assets search and debt collection services. The same fee is also charged should you choose to avail of our other services, such as investigation services. Compared to other collection agencies, you pay less but you get more out of it!

All our services are available throughout the California state – covering all the cities from Montebello to Whittier. So if your business is situated in California, do not hesitate to give us a call at 818-386-0000. Alternatively, you can visit our office for a list of our services.