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The Process of Debt Payment through Post Judgment Collection

Winning a case against a debtor is simply rewarding. With the Paramount court siding with you and awarding you the judgment, the debtor will be required to pay whatever they owe you or risk facing legal consequences.

But what if the debtor still refuses to pay? What if, in front of the Paramount court, he declares that he is financially bankrupt and cannot pay their debts to you? Would you still be able to collect the money from him?

judgment collection

Fortunately, you can do so, and this is through the process of post judgment collection. A&E Detective Group, Inc. can help in you this process.

A&E Detective Group, Inc. is a company that provides investigative and legal services. Situated on Tarzana, California, A&E provides its services to the entirety of the California state. So even if you or your business is located on Paramount, you can still avail for the many services A&E offers to its clients.

To help you with your post judgment collection process, A&E Detective Group, Inc. will provide you their team of private investigators and legal experts. This will make your post judgment collection process a whole lot easier, as their private investigators can perform an asset search in order to determine whether the debtor is indeed financially bankrupt or not. Legal experts will then use the evidences gathered by the private investigators in order to ensure that you win the case against your debtors, concluding the post judgment collection process and finally awarding you with the judgment the Paramount court has given you originally.

Should the private investigators not find any evidences of the debtor lying, A&E can still help you through another process – judgment lien.

Through this process, debtors can pay their debts to you with their properties. While you are required to go to the court process once again, this process will ensure that you will get paid regardless of the debtor being financially bankrupt or not.


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