Personal & Vehicle GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is an extremely specialized work and we have the training and experience to handle it absolutely professionally…

A&E Detective Group Inc. is a professional private investigative firm with more than three decades of investigative experience. We provide a whole range of professional private investigation and intelligence services to our clients spread throughout the country. Our variety of clients includes small and medium business houses, corporate giants, national and international law firms, insurance companies as well as private individuals. We believe in absolute customer satisfaction and thus pay attention to every single detail of the case at hand. Indeed our knowledge, experience and professionalism have earned us our goodwill and reputation in this competitive field of private investigation.

A GPS Tracking device is a small piece of equipment which is generally installed discreetly onto any vehicle without occupant’s knowledge. This is usually done in two cases like when you need to track every movement of the occupant or when you require detail about the vehicle in question. Generally a live signal with the exact address where that vehicle is located is relayed constantly along with a satellite view of the area. GPS tracking can be considered as a part of surveillance activity as well. However all private investigators cannot conduct a surveillance operation or undertake a GPS tracking.

Our team of experts has all the requisite licenses and authority that is laid down as mandatory by the State Governing body. Apart from that they are also equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities that include the most advanced devices like hidden cameras, nanny cams, GPS Trackers, computer monitoring, drug test kits and many such others.  Our private investigators are well trained in the usage of these sophisticated devices so that they can make optimum use for the benefit of the case.

 Based in Los Angeles, California we have quite a widespread clientele in areas like Reseda, Encino, Hawthorne and Hawthorne Municipal Airport to name a few. So, if you require tracking a person tracking or a vehicle tracking then do not hesitate any longer. Straight away give us a call and let us start our course of action immediately.