Polygraph Testing

At A&E Detective Group Inc. we have an extremely proficient team for conducting professional polygraph testing

A&E Detective Group Inc. is a professional and registered full service detective firm with more than 35 years of private investigative experience. We understand that polygraph testing is a highly specialized job and thus assign those private investigators who are not only well-trained but also experienced in the field so they do not miss any minute detail that may become crucial for the case. Indeed our experience, knowledge, training and eye towards detail has earned us a wide range of clientele that that include business houses, corporate giants, insurance companies and even private individuals.

Polygraph testing is mostly required by law enforcement agencies, the legal community of the respective state and the country as well as the private sector companies that include business houses and corporate giants. Our expert team of polygraph examiners uses both conventional analog instruments as well as latest computerized instruments depending on the type of the polygraph requirement.

While conducting a polygraph test we generally make sure that we collect physiological data from at least three systems or parts of human body. Like two finger clips with small metal plates attached to the fingers record sweat gland activity and a blood pressure cuff, or any similar device will record cardiovascular activity. A typical polygraph examination can usually be divided into three different periods or phases that may be called the period of pre-test, a chart collection phase and a test data analysis phase.

Our polygraph examiners are well aware of the intricacies of the testing procedure and thus take effective measures so that the test gives the desired result. During the pre-test period the polygraph examiner discusses the questions with the examinee so that they can prepare themselves to answer truthfully. Apart from this in the pre-test phase the examiner also completes all the required paperwork as we understand the importance of documentation to present at any court of law.

We have a widespread private investigative network that helps us in serving our clients throughout the length and breadth of the country. However, based at Los Angeles, California we have quite an impressive clientele based in areas like Inglewood, Huntington Park, South Gate and Lynwood to name a few. Hence if you ever require a polygraph testing done on any individual then do not hesitate to give us a call and let us start our plan of action immediately.