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Criminal Appeals Process In Rolling Hills Estates

As we all know, sometimes when a person gets arrested, it could be the wrong person. In some cases even though the wrong person was arrested sometimes it gets worse and the case goes to trial and the wrong person gets convicted. Even here in Rolling Hills Estates people get charged with crimes they did not commit. The question is what is a person to do if they feel they have gotten a raw deal? Well that is what the appeal process is for.

Now in order for a person to have a chance to win an appeal, they cannot just hope that they will win, they need to have enough evidence to overturn the conviction. The sad part is that a lot of times it is hard for a person who has been convicted to prove their innocence. If you live in the Rolling Hills Estates area and you have a family member who has been convicted and you feel they are innocent then you may feel as if you are by yourself, but here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we are here to help you.

The sad part of the story is that you cannot depend on the attorney general or the police department to investigate the case, even if you feel that that your family member is innocent. Remember they proved their case or else your family member would not be in jail. The good news is that our private investigators will work on your case for you.

Our private investigators are well trained in surveillance and they will pound the streets of Rolling Hills Estates to get answers. In a criminal appeal you want to find evidence to win your case and sometimes the only way to get the answers that you may need is to talk to confidential informants. We A&E Detective Group, Inc. are used to maintaining confidentially so the informants will feel comfortable providing information.

No matter what, whether the case starts or stops in Rolling Hills Estates the private investigator assigned to your case is there to find out answers for you. Sometimes in these types of cases you may need someone to go undercover. Undercover work can be dangerous but our investigators are well trained on how to do undercover work. If you are going to fight to get an appeal then you want the very best working on your case and with A&E Detective Group, Inc. you get the very best. If you need our help please feel free to contact us and let us help you and your family.