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Civil Litigation In Rolling Hills

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There is all types of crimes sweeping through the nation. Some take place on the streets of Rolling Hills and some take place in the boardrooms or offices throughout the nation. In any case when you go into civil court it is entirely different then having a case heard in civil court. There is a different set of rules on court room order and the case can be won based on testimony and evidence. Sometimes the biggest civil cases may include fraud.

Fraud may come in different forms and fashion. One of the biggest forms of fraud may involve insurance fraud. Now insurance fraud could be something as simple as a business being set on fire and the owner of the business collecting on a huge insurance payoff. Now what may not be known as well is that sometimes the business owner is behind the fire themselves, because they wanted to collect the insurance money. Now the insurance company may hire a private investigator to do an investigation into the fire before paying out.

In Rolling Hills there are other types of fraud that may occur. Sometimes a person may claim that they were injured at work and file for a workman compensation payout.  Now in most cases people who claim they were injured at work is based on truth, but sometimes the person alleging the injury may stretch the truth a little bit, and they could go to work.

Now if you are a business owner and you think someone is trying to collect on a payout that that they are not entitled to, you can contact us here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. We do service the Rolling Hills area and our private investigators are well trained in civil litigation cases. We will assign a private investigator to work on your case for you.

All of our private detectives are well trained on the latest surveillance techniques and they also have state of the art equipment which makes it easier to document the fraud that may be ongoing. Now the surveillance and gaining of the evidence is crucial to you winning a case but just as important is your expert testimony.

The private investigator who is working your case will be well trained on testimony and you can feel comfortable knowing that you will have an excellent chance of winning with us working on your investigation. Whether the case starts or ends in Rolling Hills we will follow it to the end. Contact us and let us help you.