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Fair Debt Collection

fair debt collection

California is one of the states where the richest people live. But this does not mean that consumers are far from having debt in this state. Large amounts of debts in California come in many forms such as credit card debt, mortgage, student loan, and auto loan debt. California’s debt collection has been undergoing major changes these past few years and this can be especially noticed in financial and cultural cities such as San Fernando Valley

In 2011, the average credit card debt of California consumers was $7,217, which is almost $200 less than $7,404 average of all United States consumers. San Fernando Valley is the city that has a much better average in terms of credit card debt of $7,033.

Debt affects the country’s economy and affects many businesses. This is why many major cities such as San Francisco are concerned about proper and fair debt collection. The Fair Debt Collection Act of California imposes many rules about what kinds of debt are covered and even down to the demeanour of the debt collector. Businesses in big cities such as San Fernando Valley are especially vulnerable to runaway debtors.

Private investigators become great help in fair debt collection and here are a few reasons why:

  • Some debtors refuse to pay up even though they have some assets they can liquidate.
  • Other debtors answer your call then stop responding after a while.
  • There are extreme cases of debtors moving out so as not to pay their dues.
  • Harassing or stalking the debtor is not allowed under the Fair Debt Collection Act.
  • You will need someone who can trace the debtor and his/her whereabouts without violating the law and private investigators are trained do this for you.
  • Private investigators know especially trained so they know what to look for and where.
  • Private investigators are experts so they can accomplish the task of looking for the debtor in much less time than it will take if you do it yourself.
  • Private investigators follow the tracks of the debtor from his/her home, employment records, mutual acquaintances, online searches and more additional tools, all without leaving a trace and staying within the bounds of the Fair Debt Collection Act.

A&E Detective Group, Inc. has a well-trained group of private investigators that specifically handle fair debt collection in San Fernando Valley and other cities in California. If you need help with locating a debtor or building a solid fair debt collection related case, A&E Detective Group Inc. is the right company to call.