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Real Estate Fraud In San Gabriel

Real Estate Fraud

A lot of times people buy real estate with the hopes of owning their own property or buying their home, but sad to say sometimes there is real estate fraud that takes place even in places like San Gabriel California. The problem with real estate fraud is that it can be very hard to prove and even harder to win in court. In most cases if you get taken by real estate fraud most law enforcement agencies will not normally have the manpower to track down the real estate scam artist. If a person gets taken advantage of by a real estate scam it normally involves a lot of money. Most people feel that they have no option when it comes to real estate scam, but the good news is that you do have hope.

Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we have private investigators who specialize in real estate fraud. In a case of this type our investigators must do some digging and do some undercover work. We will have to do some research to locate the scammers who took advantage of you. We have a great legal team to help us navigate through the real estate process and we have the latest state of the art equipment to help us with our surveillance. Now one key thing to remember is that the criminal may be in San Gabriel or they may be in another city or another state.

Now the truth of the matter is that just doing the private investigation is only the first step, the second part of the case is being able to win the civil trial. Our private detectives are experts at civil litigation and civil testimony. We will need to make sure that our case is tight and strong so we can make them pay for what they did to you. Now as we said earlier the scam artist may stay in San Gabriel or they may be somewhere else but it does not matter where they are as we have worldwide contacts.

All in all the people who live in San Gabriel are like most people and they cannot afford to lose money they worked hard for. Our private investigator that we assign to your case is going to treat you like family and work to help recover what was taken from you. All in all if you have been the victim of a real estate scam please visit us and see if we can help you.