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Debt Collection Services – Should You Use an Online Collection Agency?

debt collection

Is your company losing hundreds and thousands of dollars from clients who do not pay their debts on time? Is your company having a hard time locating these debtors and collect money from them? Are you in need of affordable debt collection services? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then let our company, A&E Detective Group, Inc.; help you with all your debt collection problems.

A&E Detective Group, Inc. is an expert in providing private investigation services, such as locating bank accounts, finding out about cheating spouses, investigating and resolving employment scams and frauds, and other investigative services. Besides investigative and legal services, we also provide debt collection services, just like a San Marino online collection agency would provide you. With our investigators conducting private investigation on your company’s debtors, you can be sure that you can collect your money in just a few days’ time.

At A&E Detective Group, Inc., we adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Act. As per the act states, we will only make use of lenient methods to get the money from the debtors. We believe that harassing and threatening debtors is not the proper way of collecting debts, which is what some online collection agency does. We assure you that your company won’t get into legal trouble with our private investigation and collection methods.

Lastly, A&E Detective Group, Inc. does not require you to pay a huge commission for you to avail of our services. Compared to other San Marino online collection agency, where you are required to pay up to 50% fees, we only require you to pay a small fee, enough to cover for our private investigation services. So if you intend to save money, it is best that you avail of our services instead.

Our services are not limited only to San Marino, as we service all cities in the California state. So whether your company is operating on San Marino or on Hollywood, we will assure you that you will be able to avail of our various investigative services.

So why pay huge amounts of money on an online collection agency just to get your money back, when you can avail of a much cheaper service from us? Opt for our services today and receive a better service for a lower price! Call us today at 818-386-0000 or visit our office.