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Fraud in Santa Monica

Fraud is usually when someone misrepresents themselves and in the process they cause their victim to suffer monetary damages. Fraud takes place all over the United States including right here in Santa Monica, California. However one of the downsides is that Fraud is usually very hard to prove. Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we specialize in handling fraud investigation and we are well trained at getting results.

Farud in Santa Monica

One of the key elements in any type of fraud investigation is that the people doing the investigation will have to do some surveillance and they have to be very good at surveillance. Our private detectives are well trained in the latest techniques of surveillance and they have a lot of contacts right here in the Santa Monica area. Now one key is that whenever you are talking to confidential informants they will want to remain that way, confidential. They do not want to be dragged into court so we make sure to build a case without them.

Now one key besides the private investigation is that you want to present a strong case so whether it goes to criminal court or civil litigation, you want to make sure you win. Our private investigator that we assign to your case is going to be expertly trained not only in the investigation side but also in the testimonial side so when he makes it into court he will testify to help you win your fraud case.

Here in Santa Monica it is not just enough to be good at surveillance and keeping your sources out of court we also may have to undercover work and use state of the art equipment. Our private investigation agency has all the latest state of the art equipment and all of our people have been trained on how to do undercover work.

When it comes to fraud investigation a case can take some time to be resolved but we will follow the case all the way through. Whether the case stays here in Santa Monica or if we have to go to another state we are fully invested in getting results and bringing about the results that we need. No matter where the case takes us that is where we will go. If you have been the victim of any type of fraud, contact us and let us help you.