We at A&E Detective Group Inc. consider sexual harassment as a serious offend and deal with them in an extremely strict manner…

Sexual harassment is an extremely serious offense that requires strict and severe dealing with the offender. Many a times the victim tends to shy out from making a formal complaint against the offender as they find it excruciatingly painful and embarrassing to relate their agonizing experience. However it is always advisable to take step against such form of felony by making a complaint or consulting a professional private investigator who can guide you regarding the most effective way to deal with the problem and get the offender punished suitably.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc. have an expert team of private investigators who have the right kind of experience as well as knowledge to handle such delicate cases of sexual harassment. Our private investigators first explain to you all the aspects of the litigation process of these types of charges and also make you understand the whole process of investigation and the requisite steps of action. We always take a sensitive and humanitarian approach while dealing with these types of cases and consider it as our moral duty to make you realize that your case may become public knowledge and who ever interviews you will be assessing your credibility. Hence we always recommend our clients to tell us every specific detail of the incident so we can give some professional and effective advice.

We always make sure that we prepare a formal report or document stating our conclusions as to the nature of sexual harassment occurred and provide specific justification to support the case. The basis of our professional report is our findings and our comprehensive interview with our client. Our expert team is well supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities that help us in our process of investigation.

Our widespread private investigative network helps us in serving clients at any corner of the country and also helps us in acquiring information for clients in the same state if such need arises. Based at Los Angeles, California we have quite a comprehensive clientele in areas like Cornell, Monte Nido, Topanga State Park, Del Aire and Panorama City to name a few. Thus if you have ever have the misfortune of undergoing sexual harassment or anyone you know has gone through it then give us a call without any hesitation. Let us help you in getting the offender punished.