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Internet Crime: Where is My Stuff?

internet crime

Here in Sherman Oaks, California people like to do their shopping online like many consumers do. Big time companies like E-Bay and Amazon help shoppers buy whatever they need. On a lesser degree websites like Craigslist also help people with shopping needs. However just like anywhere else there is internet scammers that sell their products on Craigslist. In all reality they do not always have products to sell but they get people to send them money and don’t have any product to ship them. The sad part is that people send their money and don’t get anything for it.

If you have been the victim of an internet crime through Craigslist and you feel that you have no other options the good news is that you do. Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we have private investigators who are well trained on internet crime. Even if you live in Sherman Oaks and the criminal lives in another state we will track them down. With the help of our legal time we are able to locate them no matter where they are located. Even if we have to go outside our own country to track them down we have worldwide contacts.

Now in a case of internet crime it is considered a civil case so once we track them down we will need to proceed against them in civil court. Our private detective that is assigned to your case will be expertly trained so they will give excellent testimony in civil court here in Sherman Oaks. Now you do have to understand that even though you have been the victim of a internet crime, most police departments will not put your case at the top of their list, but our private investigation agency will put your case at the top of our list.

Now because all of the listings on Craigslist are done by internet we can track down the criminals by tracing their IP address. Now in all reality if you have been scammed it does not mean that the person or company who scammed you is going to be local right here in Sherman Oaks, you have to be prepared that they will be somewhere else. Our goal is to find them and make them pay for not getting you what you paid for. You are the most important person in this private investigation. If you feel that you have been scammed, please visit our office and see if we can help you.