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Workers Compensation Fraud

Have you been involved in a work related accident? Have you filed for workman’s compensation and had it turned down, when you know it should have been approved, and you are trying to figure out why it was turned down? Well here in Sierra Madre, California just like most other big cities there is a huge amount of workers compensation fraud that goes on.

Compensation fraud in Sierra Madre

Now you may be wondering what especially is workers compensation fraud? That can be one of two things it can be when the employee or the employer lies or changes records to deny the claim, or they can lie about the payroll or the classification of their employees.

Here at A&E Detective Group Inc., we specialize in workers compensation fraud cases. We have some of the best private detectives and they know how to do surveillance, and investigations. In Sierra Madre our private investigators have done undercover operations before, and if there is something that your company did to deny your claim, we will figure out how they are doing it and help you to get your claim approved.

Just like most investigative cases we will handle your workers compensation fraud case with the discretion and care that you deserve. We also know how to make sure that we document your case because documentation is vital to the success of this private investigation. We utilize state of the art equipment and the latest techniques in investigations. We assign one private investigator per case so they can give your case the undivided attention that it deserves. When we close your case you can rest easy going to court knowing that it will be airtight.

Just because you are in the Sierra Madre, California area, do not assume that that all employers are going to be above board and play fair. Not everyone is going to handle their business in the right way. Our private detectives will work for you, just as if you were family and they will get a resolution to your workers compensation fraud case. Whether we have to work on your case in Sierra Madre California or a whole another state we have the resources to work on your case no matter where it takes.

If you need help proving your workers compensation fraud case or documenting that you are being denied benefits that you are entitled to visit our office and contact A&E Detective Group Inc. and let us help you and get the answers that you need.