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Internet Scammers

scammers in south el monte

In South El Monte, California there are people being taken advantage of everyday. The internet has provided a very viable resource for criminals where people can buy things through the internet, pay for it and usually they get their product. However not everyone selling items through the internet are legitimate and people have brought products through sites like Craigslist and been ripped off. The products can vary as to what they are selling. The problem is that good hard working people are paying for their products and are getting taken and in most cases they do not feel like they have anywhere they can go for help to prevent this internet scammer. The good news is that they have somewhere to go.

Here at A&E Detective Group Inc. we help people with internet scammer every day. Our private investigators are well trained on the latest techniques on internet crime. The key for the criminals is that the internet gives them the opportunity to hide. It does not matter that you are in South El Monte, because the criminals can be anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s called the World Wide Web. The good news is that we have contacts worldwide.

Now whenever we work these types of cases it does not matter where this case takes us. We understand that it may start out in South El Monte but we will track our internet scammer down no matter where they are. Now with the help of our legal department and the private investigator we assign to your case we will track their IP address to see who our internet scammers are. Once we find out who are scammers we can help get you your money back and hold them accountable. In all reality people work too hard today to be able to afford lose money of any type.

Con artist and scam artist have been around for a long time, the internet has just made it easier to pray on people. People get scammed everywhere from South El Monte to College Park, Georgia. The criminals put a lot of stuff and they hope enough people order their product. Even if their product only cost $10.00 if you have enough people order it, it can add up. Most law enforcement agencies do not have the manpower to track internet scammers down, especially if they are in another country. The great news is our private investigators can go anywhere to track them down. If you have been scammed please do not hesitate to contact us and let us help you.