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Craigslist Con Artist

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The person who came up with Craigslist came up with a winner. People can go on there and find jobs and all types of services and people who do contracting jobs. The downside is that there is also criminals that make use of craigslist for finding easy targets. There were a couple of people who were killed off craigslist and there are plenty of Craigslist Con Artist using the safety of Craigslist to get unsuspecting people. It does not matter whether you live in South Pasadena or anywhere else because of the Internet it is much easier for them to find people to hurt.

If you have been the victim of a internet crime from the internet and through Craigslist a lot of times people feel they have no-where to go because they do not know who their perpetrator is. Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we work on these cases all the time. All of our private investigators are well trained on the latest techniques and we have a crack legal department. Even though you may be in South Pasadena and they think they are safe because they are hiding behind the Internet, that helps us find the Craigslist Con Artist. With state of the art equipment and training we can even track down their IP address and that way we can find them even though they don’t think they will be found.

Now while internet crime is on the rise, these types of cases do not usually get the attention from law enforcement that our private investigators can give the case. The reason had nothing to do with anything more than the fact that law enforcement will work on it as they can but let’s be realistic there are more serious crimes in South Pasadena. We will gave your case the attention it needs because quite frankly we work for you.

When a person gets ripped off by a Con Artist whether through Craigslist or in person in South Pasadena people lose a lot of money in the process. It is not fair or right when good people get taken advantage of but we can help you. We can help you get those who have hurt you and took your hard earned money. Our private investigators will work hard for you and find those who scammed you and bring them to justice. If you need help, please visit us and let us help you.