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Stalkers / Harassment

We are proficient in handling stalkers or harassment investigation and we consider this as a serious offense…

 A&E Detective group Inc. is a registered and licensed full-service detective with more than three decades of private investigative experience. We have an extremely efficient team of investigators who are well trained and experienced in their respective skill. Our variety of clientele ranges from small and medium business houses, corporate houses, national and international law firms, insurance companies and even private individuals that includes both common people as well as celebrities or public personalities. We have a widespread private investigative network that spans throughout the country as well as to some other countries of the world.

We believe stalking or harassment is quite a serious offense as it can affect an individual very badly and put her/him in a truly bad shape. This type of criminal activity should be dealt with extreme firmness and strictness. Moreover this is such a form of felony that has always given severe challenge to the law enforcement agencies of the country. Though some of the comparatively harmless stalkers are only limited to phone calls and letters yet there are some who can stoop to the level of assault or cause serious injury that at times become very harmful.

However it has been often noted that it is not always necessary that a celebrity or a well-known public personality is only faced with stalking or harassment in their life. Indeed in our long years of conducting this type of investigation we have come across situations in which both the victim and the offender are common people. It has been observed that in such cases the offender is generally a male while the victim is a female who had some prior relationship with him.

 A&E Detective group Inc. have all the requisite licenses, training, experience as well as state-of-the-art equipments that help us to conduct private investigation of stalking or harassment and take very stern step if the need arises.

So, if you ever face such a situation or anyone you know happen to go through something like this then without any hesitation simply give us a call and we’ll take up the most effective course of action that is required.