We have the requisite expertise to undertake surveillance as per the specific requirement of a case at hand…

In the present days surveillance finds its use in a myriad of fields, be it in the corporate business or in a private individual’s life. Any kind of monitoring of behavior, activity or changing information comes under the purview of surveillance. We at A&E Detective Group Inc. undertake almost all kind of surveillance, be it for private investigative, business, legal or for insurance purposes. We promise to deliver a detailed report of the surveillance undertaken.

We have a team of qualified and well-trained surveillance private investigators who are well-equipped and diligent and also have a wide range of experience in the field. Our private investigators understand that in any kind of surveillance, patience and perseverance are the name of the game.

At A&E Detective Group Inc., we have a wide range of electronic devices that are used for the purpose of surveillance. Examples of such type of electronic devices can be microphones, cameras and also tracking devices of many types like GPS. However we take care that these devices are handled with responsibility and care. Our surveillance private investigators take great pains to understand the specific requirement of each case and make sure that they use these devices wisely and judiciously.

We understand that in the domestic arena surveillance can be taken up in cases wherein the fidelity of the either partner is in question or in circumstances wherein a child custody case is going on in the court. However in case of companies requesting for surveillance on their employees, it could be for many reasons. The company could be suspecting the employee for theft, of company’s resources, secrets or funds. So at A&E Detective Group Inc. we make sure that all the cases are handled with maximum confidentiality and all the consultations are done in a discreet manner.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc. have the latest infrastructural facilities which include state-of-the-art equipments that give us a professional edge over our competitors. We do not base our investigations on mere presumptions; we make sure that all our deductions are backed by solid and irrevocable proof.

Thus if you have any type of requirement of surveillance service, look no further, feel free to give us a call.