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Lien Judgment

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No one wants to have a lien against their home and most business owners do not like to put a lien on someone’s home. However in some cases people refuse to pay their bills and sometimes a business owner has no choice but to get lien judgment, depending on how much they owe. The problem comes into play collecting on the judgment. Whenever a person takes a person to court there is a cost involved that some business owners cannot continue to pay. If you have a lien judgment against someone and you need help enforcing the lien or collecting what is do, maybe you need some professionals to help you in both areas.

Here in Temple City, A&E Detective Group, Inc. we specialize in all sorts of lien enforcement and lien judgment collections. Our trained private investigators are trained on finding people who do not want to be found. Whether the case keeps us in Temple City or we have to go to Canada we will find the target that owes you the money. Our most important person is our client. Now when doing this type of investigation sometimes our private investigators may even have to go undercover to get answers and they are trained on how to do that.

Now one key to getting the results that we need to find the target and collect what they owe you is that we have to have the latest surveillance techniques, we also have to have the most up to date equipment and our private investigator assigned to your case must be able to do asset search and bank searches and they are expertly trained on all of that. Any time we work on a private investigation no matter which type we need information. Information from the locals in Temple City or anyplace else may be hard to come by.

The only way to get the information is that people have trust us and the way we do that is by keeping information confidential. Even though the case may start out in Temple City there is no telling where the case will lead us and we need all the information we can get to help track down our suspect. If you have been to court and have won a judgment and got a lien but you cannot get what is supposed to be yours. If you need help please visit our officeand let us help you.