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Construction Scams

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In West Covina, California there are lots of scams that people deal with on a daily basis. One of the biggest scams is in the construction scams. A lot of times home owners hire contractors to do home improvements or additions to their homes. A lot of times the contractors will get money in advance and then they do not complete the job. The sad part about this situation is that a lot of home owners do not feel like they do not have any options. The truth is if you have been the victim of a construction scam you do have an option.

Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we handle civil cases all the time. Our trained private investigators can work on your case for you. Our private investigators in West Covina are trained on the latest surveillance techniques and they know that if the contractor scammed you, you will not be the first nor will you be the last. The private investigator that is assigned to your case will use state of the art equipment and also go undercover if need be to find the person who scammed you. It does not matter if he operates in West Covina or anywhere else we will track them down.

Now because these types of cases are civil cases police departments will not normally investigate this case and they will tell you that you have to handle it through civil court and our private investigation agency has trained professionals who know how to build a strong case and also know how to testify in civil court. Since West Covina has a tight knit community key to our private detectives building their case will be the ability to keep their confidential informants out of the middle of the case and they are good at building cases without putting their informants out in the middle of it.

When you hire a contractor you are trusting them to get the job done. We also work and understand that you are the most important person in this whole Construction scams investigation. We also understand that contractors take advantage of people and take money from people who earned it and our goal is to hold them accountable and get the money back that you lost. If you have been the victim of a construction scam and need some-one to look out for your best interest, please feel free to visit us and feel free to see if we can help you because we know we can.