Witness Interviews

Our expert private investigators handle witness interview in a deft and professional manner…

A licensed and registered full service detective firm, A&E Detective Group Inc. has a huge experience of over 35 years in the field of private investigation. We provide a wide range of private investigative, intelligence and litigation services to our variety of clients that includes business houses, corporate, insurance companies, national and international law firms and private individuals. Our experience helps us understand our client’s predicament and offer them the most suitable and effective solution to resolve the case.

Conducting witness interview is required to prepare an effective witness statement which is usually a document recording the evidence of a person and signed by him to confirm that his statement is absolutely true to the best of his knowledge. Our efficient team of private investigators is well aware of all the intricacies involved in undertaking an effective witness interview. Hence the first step that they take is befriending the witness with their friendly and polite behavior so that it helps them to ask discreet questions that are crucial for the case.  Our private investigators pay absolute attention to the witness statement as they require deciphering the patterns of information received.

We are associated with a highly professional and experienced team of attorneys who guide the process of witness interview so that we can prepare an effective witness statement that would strengthen our client’s case. Apart from this our professional team is also well equipped with the most sophisticated technical and electronic devices that help them conduct their work in an efficient manner.

Our widespread private investigative networks help us in gathering information from any corner of the country and also serve clients at any location. However, based in Los Angeles, California we have several happy and satisfied clients in areas like Los Angeles International Airport, City of Commerce, Maywood, Bell and Vernon to name a few.

Hence, if you ever require an effective witness statement and thus undertake a witness interview then give us a call and let us start our plan of action immediately.