Witness Statements

Obtaining witness statements may sometimes play a crucial role in strengthening or weakening your case at a court of law…

Usually a document recording the evidence of a person and signed by him to confirm that what he has stated in the statement is true is known as a witness statement. It records all that a witness saw, heard or felt at a given point of time.  It sometimes also records some point that can prove important in setting off a new line of enquiry or may help in confirming other information obtained. Witness statements can play crucial role in giving a clue and thus giving the process of private investigation a direction.

We at A&E Detective Group Inc. have a highly professional team of licensed private investigators who are not only experienced but also extremely competent in obtaining witness statements. Indeed our decades of experience give us a professional edge over our competitors in dealing with these types of assignments. We are adept in acquiring witness statements that are acceptable by any court of law.

Our expert team of private investigators is associated with an equally proficient team of experienced attorneys who guide us regarding the legal acceptance of the statements. We are well aware of all the intricacies of witness interview and thus our first important step is to befriend the witness so we can ask questions in a confidential manner and try to decipher the patterns of information. Our professional team is adequately supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities that include the most sophisticated electronic devices that help in undertaking successful private investigation.

We also take pride in our widespread private investigative network that is extended throughout the length and breadth of the country. That is precisely the reason for which we can serve our clients at any location in the country. However, based in Los Angeles, California we have several happy and satisfied clients in areas like Los Angeles International Airport, City of Commerce, Maywood, Bell and Vernon to name a few.

So, if you ever require obtaining witness statement all you have to do is give us a call and let us take care of the requisite actions that need to be taken.