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Internet Crime in Woodland Hills

Internet crime in Woodland Hills

Have you ever received a notification in your email from some-one that you do not know notifying you that you had been blessed with an inheritance from some-one that you did not know? It is a common internet scam that many people get on a regular basis. It even affects people who live in Woodland Hills, California. Usually the scam will ask you to fill out a form and when you fill it out they will ask for your bank account so they can put your money in it. Once they get you to fill out the form they may ask you to make a payment for something and they take your money and you never receive any money at all.

The sad part is that there are a lot of people are desperate for a way to get money from some-where and if they feel that they were blessed with unexpected money they will be all over it, even if it means that they have to pay money to get their inheritance. If you have been the victim of internet crime you have options. Here at A&E Detective Group, Inc. we will help you get your money back. No matter whether the criminals are coming from Woodland Hills or somewhere else.

Our Los Angeles private investigators are well trained in internet crimes. With the help of our legal department we can trace the IP address of the person who sent the email and scammed you. Now it does not matter where they are located, we have contacts worldwide so if our private detective that is assigned to your investigation starts the investigation in Woodland Hills and your case takes him overseas he will follow it through.

People who have been targeted for this type of internet scam usually cannot afford to lose their money. The con artist is looking for desperate people because they know people who are desperate will respond back hoping to get the money they need. The truth is that they hope to get a lot of responses back and take a huge amount of money. If you have been the victim of internet crimes you do not have to just take it we can help you. Please visit us and we will help you. Our private investigation agency is well known in Woodland Hills and we are very good at what we do.