Worker’s Compensation Fraud

Worker’s Compensation Fraud claims are becoming rampant nowadays…Be careful to get such claims investigated…

Worker’s compensation fraud has become one of the biggest troubles that businesses are facing now a days. Unjust or fraudulent claims not only result in increased premium but also exhaust some valuable time and resource of the company. The worst part of it is that most of the time it becomes tough as well as expensive to prove the fraud without a professional worker's compensation fraud investigation undertaken.

We at A&E Detective Group, Inc. have a team of skilled and proficient professionals who are competent to protect your business from false worker’s compensation claim be it out of employment (AOE) or during the course of employment (COE). Our team of workers compensation fraud investigator has the requisite training and experience to know what exactly they need to look for in a case.

We understand that investigative services regarding worker’s compensation fraud need to be dealt with discretion and care. Our skilled team has all the requisite training and experience to help employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators, and self-insurers. Documentation is of utmost importance in these types of investigation and thus we prepare reports that are detailed and professional yet quite easy to understand. Our highly proficient workers compensation fraud private investigators are adept in conducting under-cover, discreet surveillance, activity checks, and other types of investigation to solve the cases at hand successfully.

A&E Detective Group Inc. has the expertise and the requisite authority to conduct under-cover physical surveillance throughout the nation at any point of time and in any environmental condition. We are proud of our state-of-the-art equipments which help us overcome any hurdle and get hold of all the requisite evidences that you require to prove your case and expose the fraud. Some of our advanced equipments include night-vision generation 3 lenses, GPS tracking devices, wireless audio/video-recording systems and such other sophisticated electronics systems. Our investigators are not only competent in their field of specialization but also trained in handling all the latest gadgets that help them achieve their mission.

We assign one worker's compensation fraud private investigator dedicated to a particular case so that they can give undivided attention to the case and thus resolve in much less time than usual.  The private investigator assigned to your case also understands the legal right to privacy of the subject and thus conduct video record of the suspected workers compensation fraudulent activity as it occurs, in a very subtle manner maintaining complete confidentiality. Our investigators collect all the necessary proof to support remedies that may include criminal or civil action as per the nature of the workers compensation fraud private investigation. We present these evidence reports to you, your insurer and your legal counsel in the most precise and practical manner.

It has been noted that by undertaking an workers compensation fraud private investigation of false claim which may result in jail time for the offender may act as a warning in the workplace that would prevent or restrain others from considering any false claim.

If you are facing any worker’s compensation claim of which you are not too convinced, do not hesitate to give us a call. We at A&E Detective Group Inc. are here to help you out.